Day 312: Gone Fishing

This is the 312th day of the year 2011

We’ve been off the screen but we’ve not jumped off the terrace.

The Stone Sage Lion said we should have hung a sign on the ter­race that said: GONE FISHING


But it would have been more hon­est to say, I fell off the track, broke the promise, and am so sorry.

Life does that to all of us. Creeps up, destroys plans, ruins sched­ules and even­tu­ally you have to own up to it or feel fairly crummy. So, I’m own­ing up to it now.

The Stone Sage Lion knew from the begin­ning that every sin­gle week wouldn’t work, and it didn’t. What inter­vened wasn’t life as much as my ill­ness. Then, when I began to feel stronger, I was stunned by how far behind I had fallen on the next book I’m writing.

How­ever, there’s a new post­ing on Word­paint that sums up my phi­los­o­phy of the writer’s life, such as it.

I’ll be in and out of the ter­race, putting things away for the win­ter, hop­ing for eas­ier days for all of us. And the Stone Sage Lion and I will be chat­ting with you again, so hope you’re still around in the vapors of our vir­tual neighborhood.

See you soon and ….


© Alida Brill 2011


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3 Responses to Day 312: Gone Fishing

  1. Alida, great that you are feel­ing well enough to post some­thing even if it does finally knock me off the front page! I had an unde­servedly long run!
    Hope you’re well enough to drop in and see me some­time too.
    Very best wishes,

  2. Carolyn Coppple Hitt

    Great to see an update from you! I had a case of The Vapors just this week and checked your site to see if I had missed some­thing– then was con­cerned for your well-being. We read­ers are *thank­ful* when­ever you pop up. Once a week would roll around TOO quickly if I were the writer instead of the reader. As I read recently, “the days are long but the years are short” — that strange sense of time that I sus­pect has more to do with my age and health than with the day­light sav­ings time change this week (which I hate!!-why not moon­light sav­ings time instead??)

  3. Alida, I’m delighted to read this–from Viet­nam, where I was begin­ning to worry that I had heard noth­ing from you. Glad you are com­ing back to the blog­ging and glad too that I will be see­ing you next week. And how is Viet­nam? Com­pli­cated, mys­te­ri­ous, young, hope­ful, inter­est­ing, and the food is deli­cious, on the street as well as in ele­gant restau­rants. Flo­rence with hugs

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