Day 139: Soggy Spring Days

19th of May 2011

The 139th Day of the Year


The Stone Sage Lion is dis­gusted with any num­ber of things and for lots of rea­sons.  He wasn’t even that amused when I stum­bled across a brick on the other end of the ter­race with his own name on it, in raised letters…SAGE!  I put it next to him as a peace offer­ing.  He would have none of it.  Although Susan thinks he might have been slightly curi­ous when she took a photo of him with his own brick.

I have been off the ter­race and not really much in the mood to be writ­ing From this Ter­race.  Whin­ing about weather in Man­hat­tan at the same time the mighty Mis­sis­sippi is on a ram­page tak­ing away homes, endan­ger­ing human and ani­mal life and destroy­ing food sources from the land and the waters, hardly seems appro­pri­ate.  Yet, some sort of expla­na­tion of absence is needed.

Soggy days with­out a break is the rea­son for the Stone Sage Lion’s growl­ing.  He has grown quiet – per­haps he has decided it’s time to build an ark and float away on it and into another reality.

My silence is because I’ve had swampy lungs.  What else to call what hap­pens to me when the mys­ter­ies of my autoim­mune dis­ease set­tle into the res­pi­ra­tory sys­tem?  It’s about as humor­ous or inven­tive as I can get.  A wise friend once told me you can push your way through almost any form of pain, dis­ease or dis­abil­ity and keep going for a time (she was unwell with a seri­ous con­di­tion) if you kept your goals in mind.  Then she added there was only one excep­tion to her rule:  res­pi­ra­tory dis­tress.  When you can’t breathe well and need all sorts of aides and lung-toys to help you to do that, your moti­va­tion to do any­thing except catch a breath dimin­ishes to …. almost zero. So that’s my story From This Ter­race for today.  It’s not an excuse but it is an explanation.

Photo: Sam Chase

A cou­ple of weeks ago just as I began to swim around in my own deep waters, Man­hat­tan started its del­uge sea­son. My friend Sam cap­tured this moment just before an enor­mous down­pour.  It matched my mood then and it’s been one that has stayed with me.  How­ever, I’m emerging.

The Stone Sage Lion will take in the sun soon enough and come to enjoy his SAGE Brick.

And then I’ll tell you the story of that brick.

And my swampy lungs will dry out thanks to the med­ical mir­a­cles of infu­sion chem­istry.  We will go for­ward together into the rest of the first year of the sec­ond decade of the 21st century.

Until soon, very soon, AB and the SSL


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3 Responses to Day 139: Soggy Spring Days

  1. Katie Bamberger

    Wish­ing you only the best as you con­tinue to move foward, and look­ing for­ward to future sto­ries and posts as we move into a less soggy season!

  2. Send­ing you bunches of love from the hot and humid South. Look­ing for­ward to the story of the SAGE brick.

  3. Blake Gould

    I adore the pic­ture of the stone Lion with his SAGE brick busi­ness card. It’s com­fort­ing to see the newly emerg­ing green leaves on the ter­race and it makes me smile to know that the lion’s mis­tress is back at her “hearth.”

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