Day 24


This is the 24th day of 2011.  This year no longer feels so young to me. Tuc­son pre­ma­turely aged the cal­en­dar and many of us along with it. I am deter­mined to stay far from the shadow of fear that leads to emo­tional and cre­ative paral­y­sis.  In Man­hat­tan today it is about 8º — far too frigid to risk an adven­ture into the urban tun­dra. The Stone Sage Lion who lives on my ter­race has put on his icy think­ing cap. He is star­ing through the glass doors per­haps wish­ing to come inside.  He seems to sug­gest it’s time to pause from con­cen­trat­ing on cold­ness and soli­tude.  I am giv­ing a thought then to spring, and the inevitable renewal that accom­pa­nies it.  For now, the task is to “win­ter through” indi­vid­u­ally and together.  And here is the first stanza of Rilke’s XIIIth Son­net To Orpheus.  I am tak­ing these words with me this week  as an inti­mate companion.

Keep ahead of all part­ing, as if it were behind you, like the win­ter just now passed, for in win­ter you are so end­lessly Win­ter, that only by Win­ter­ing through it will the heart survive.

Rainer Maria Rilke, Num­ber 13, Part Two, Son­nets to Orpheus

Photo Credit: Alida Brill

©2011 Alida Brill, From This Terrace


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4 Responses to Day 24

  1. tim

    Hi Alida–

    Bravo!! Here’s to win­ter­ing! I love your lion; he looks like
    he can with­stand any weather!


  2. I love this, and it is so poignant. I called an old friend, that I had not talked to for quite a while other than emails, today for her birth­day, and she said as she was scrolling through her phone to get to my num­ber, her phone rang with me at the other end! Some­times we have to bring spring to ourselves.

  3. John Knapp

    you know, your lion looks a lot like our old dog.


  4. Do you mean your beloved Vicky? Or, a dog from your adult years? Alida

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