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Day 230: Magic Still Lives Here, The Work of Paul Mutimear

The 230th Day of the Year When I first moved to Man­hat­tan, now three decades and count­ing ago, I was stunned by the sur­prises it held.  Any given week might bring a series of ran­dom events and meet­ings that made me … Con­tinue read­ing


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Day 185: From this Terrace on the 4th of July

Today is the 185th day of the Year, and 235 years since the Founders declared our Inde­pen­dence from Eng­land. By mid-August in 1776 bat­tles raged in Long Island, New York, where this 4th of July week­end many cel­e­brated with fire­works, … Con­tinue read­ing


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Day 144: On The Terrace Alone, With My Good Friends

The 144th day of 2011   “We read to know we are not alone.” C.S. Lewis   Books make me happy.  They com­fort me as well as inform and enter­tain.  I think of them as com­pan­ions, best friends.  Some are old friends … Con­tinue read­ing


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Day 139: Soggy Spring Days

19th of May 2011 The 139th Day of the Year SOGGY SPRING DAYS The Stone Sage Lion is dis­gusted with any num­ber of things and for lots of rea­sons.  He wasn’t even that amused when I stum­bled across a brick on … Con­tinue read­ing


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